Note to club members at 10/05/20

The president, club officers and directors have authorized some changes to our website to make our site more secure.

Very soon some pages of the web site will be public and some will be accessible by username and password. This includes our calendar, one of our most visted pages.

We expect to have an announcement out very soon that will provide you with a username and password to see the newly hidden parts of the web site.
We thought that announcement might be today, but I found a small glitch in the new arrangement.  Our web programmer is working on that now.
Please stand by and we'll get that information to you as soon as we have it.
Sorry for the delay.
Thanks for supporting the club.

Here is a message from club president Jon Heinonen about use of our shooting ranges during the pandemic.

Members using Club ranges MUST adhere to the following requirements. Violation of these requirements may result in suspension of privileges or membership termination.

These requirements are in force until further notice.

  • 1. Ranges are open to members and beginning June 15, 2020, to 1-Day members and registered guests.
  • 2. All members are required to wear their badges in a visible location on their person while on club property, no exceptions.
  • 3. While wearing a mask or face covering is now optional, everyone is encouraged to a wear face mask while on Club property. A mask or face covering is required when a distance of six feet cannot be maintained between members.
  • 4. Shoot only at the FIXED shooting stations; do not move shooting tables.
  • 5. Limit your range time to 1.5 hours at one time to make sure all members have a time to use the ranges.
  • 6. If all stations are full, please wait in your car.
  • 7. Group size should be limited to ensure that groups can maintain a distance of six feet apart from all others on the ranges.

If you are not feeling well, PLEASE stay home.


If you have questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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